Monday, December 28, 2015

Just a bit about it

What is Our Homespun Harvest? What kinds of things will be found on your blog?
Our Homespun Harvest is in it's infancy stages but I have big dreams for it. The "Our Homespun Harvest" blog will serve as an avenue for discussion and for sharing some of our homespun goodness. In this case, "harvest" refers to much more than a crop of fruits and vegetables (although those will be involved also). It refers to harvesting life...a simple, beautiful, homespun life. You will find DIY projects (hopefully made simple), crafts, recipes, homemaking tips and ideas, parenting stuff, and gardening information. That's a whole lot of harvesting!

Who are you?
 I'm a wife, mother, teacher, student, and a creative at heart. I'm a small town girl and have an affinity for simple things. Fairly recently, I've discovered a love for gardening and have always enjoyed making our home a special place filled with love. It is these things that have led to the birth of "Our Homespun Harvest". This is a place where all my loved things are combined to provide a creative outlet.

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